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Don’t miss your chance to get the 2016 Witches’ Datebook and Wall Calendar, the 2016 Astrological Wall Calendar and all the 2016 Llewellyn Almanacs with there timeless and priceless articles and information!

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Stone-of-the-Year is . . .


This stunning stone is so popular and prevalent (and gentle) that we almost overlooked it as the Stone-of-the-Year because it didn’t shout at us, and we would have been buying lots of it anyway. But ROSE QUARTZ made itself known to us in subtle, unmistakable ways and we came to realize that it makes perfect sense for 2015!

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Our Calendars and Annuals are in!

Our Calendars and Annuals are in!

I realize that with Smart Phones and other electronic devices, folks are finding less value in physical calendars, datebooks and annuals. That’s why I want to take a few moments to talk about our line of Llewellyn annuals. Llewellyn’s annuals are about SO MUCH MORE than keeping track of the date, the Moon phases or your personal schedule. Their annual publications are stuffed full of information and ideas you won’t find anywhere else! Their artwork and articles are timeless–not just for the current year. And Llewellyn has a habit of getting their best, most popular and prolific authors to write the articles in their annuals. What a great way to make yourself familiar with many authors before you buy their full books! In addition, Llewellyn annuals don’t duplicate articles. For instance, if you purchase a Witches’ Datebook, Witches’ Wall Calendar and Magical Almanac, you are getting different articles and ideas in each one. So get your Llewellyn annuals early, because they are dated products so when they’re gone, they are gone. You won’t find a publisher printing current-year annuals after the year has started. By that time, they are gearing up to print the annuals for the next year. Crone’s Cupboard also carries many other fine annuals, such as the Jim Maynard’s Celestial Influences and Pocket Astrologer (these are nice because they are calculated in Pacific Time, which is closer to our time), the We’Moon line and more. Calendars and datebooks make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers,... read more
It’s Back to School at Crone’s Cupboard!

It’s Back to School at Crone’s Cupboard!

Even though we have public schools and many other alternatives for educating our children, the responsibility for what they learn is ultimately ours. And many of our customers have far greater things to teach their children than what those children will learn in school. It’s up to us to remind our children of the “beauty of the green Earth and the White Moon among the Stars”* and to share with them the power of intentional Magick and of prayer. No matter how good your child’s school is, there is still more to be learned at home through our practices, beliefs, histories and attitudes. That’s where Crone’s Cupboard can help. In the past, I’ve touted the book, “How The Trees Got Their Voices” as a resource that grows with the child. First, it’s a compelling story about the ancient spirits. As the child matures, there are notes in the margins giving facts about Nature–trees, animals, weather and the like. This is the kind of education our children can only get at home. Another awesome teaching aid is the “Children’s Spirit Animal Cards” by Dr. Stephen Farmer. These cards can simply be drawn for a one-word description of each animal’s special “power”, but there are also activities for the child to do with the cards, and a third section details further exercises to be done by the child with a parent or grandparent. What a wonderful way to spend quality time with the children in your life. And you know all those cool “Scratch n Sketch” activity books we have? Well, there’s a new one coming out that we should have... read more
July Means Summer Savings on Sarongs, and . . . Goddess Fest!

July Means Summer Savings on Sarongs, and . . . Goddess Fest!

As I begin writing this column in late June, the weather forecast is calling for temperatures of 109 degrees and more! And it’s not even July yet! But don’t fret-Crone’s Cupboard has some great ways to help you BEAT THE HEAT! The first is our annual SARONG SALE. Sarongs are normally $15.95 each, but now they are on sale at 2 for $27.95. Sarongs are great ways to keep cool this summer. They can be worn as light skirts, sun dresses or halter tops, as bathing suit cover-ups, or used as light covers for windows, beds, dressers and altars. Sarongs are perfect when it cools off on summer nights and you just need a little something to keep the chill off your arms. They come in so many beautiful colors! Each Sarong comes with an illustrated guide to different styles and ties that can be made with Sarongs. Other suggestions to help you BEAT THE HEAT are our great selection of cool clothing, palm frond fans, fragrant incenses and bath salts, good books, relaxing music, Tarot decks, and much more! Don’t forget our amazing products for children. We have lots of fun and educational activity books, story books, Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, stones, Faery and Dragon figurines and other entertaining items to help the kids stay active and happy through the summer months. We will have many of these products out at our booth during the 21st annual Goddess Fest on July 25 & 26. There will also be awesome entertainment, food, rituals, The Red Tent, a Labyrinth, Pavilion presentations, activities for the whole family, the Aztec Dancers, psychic... read more


END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! The kids are out of school and probably already bored!!! Keep them entertained while they continue to learn with our awesome activity books for children! They cover scientific exploration, like the Solar System, Under the Sea and Rain Forests, historical topics like Ancient Egypt, and some just plain fun, like Faeries, Dragons and Mermaids. The Children’s Power Animal Cards and the book,Voices of the Trees also provide excellent summertime fun! JUNE WEDDINGS! Come in and see our awesome display of gift ideas for summer Bridal Showers and Weddings! FATHER’S DAY! Crone’s Cupboard has all the “tools” Dad needs to make his life more peaceful and powerful–music, journals, dragons, intention candles, books, decor, treasure boxes, etc. TIME FOR NEW, COOL CLOTHES! Stay cool and look fabulous this summer with our super-cute fashions for work and play. We have dresses, skirts, blouses, men’s shirts, T-shirts, sarongs and so much more! SUMMER SOLSTICE! How will you celebrate the longest day of the year and the peak of the Sun God’s reign? Candles, incense, books, herbs, stones, Tarot and more can all be incorporated into your ritual, and we have them all in great variety and good supply! So hurry in to Crone’s Cupboard “for all things sacred & wise” to make your month of June meaningful and memorable!     Bright Blessings of the Full... read more


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