. . . but quietly because it’s a secret!

Those of you who’ve followed the Crone’s Cupboard  STONE OF THE YEAR for any length of time have probably noticed that it comes in with a lot of fanfare. I usually have a brilliantly colored dream, or a vision full of exotic detail about the stone. Sometimes the stones themselves even dance and/or speak to me. But this year was different. This year, after DAY 1 at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (during which I had seen very little Black Tourmaline), I was having a pretty normal dream until someone whispered in my ear, “Black Tourmaline”.  Just that. No profound explanation. No eye-catching visual. So when I woke up, I tried to second-guess myself. I told Brandon about the dream, even as I was telling myself that it was too unavailable or too expensive. I returned for DAY 2 of the show a little bit confused. We found parking in a new spot which led us into the show through new aisles of vendors. At the first one we hit the “mother lode” of Black Tourmaline. We found it in several styles of pendants, pendulums, large and small chunks, eggs, spheres, pyramids, etc. And it was all very reasonably priced, inviting us to bring it home to you at the same savings! But I still didn’t know why. Why Black Tourmaline? What was the secret that had been whispered in my ear?

What do YOU think is the “secret” of Black Tourmaline?

Susan says the secret is purification of the body, which is detox. So, not only does she feel that Black Tourmaline can protect us from EMF’s and other environmental pollutants, she believes Black Tourmaline can help the body rid itself of these toxins even after they’ve entered. Think of the implications of this. We gather unhealthy influences from our microwaves, our computers, wires overhead and underground, fluorescent lighting, cell phones (and towers), TV’s, X-rays, and even those produced and released as tires come into friction with the roads. The foods we eat are full of unhealthy substances (yes, even the organic foods), and so is our water. Not to mention the lasting and decimating effects of chemo and radiation for cancer patients and heavy metals left by dental work. If Black Tourmaline can help with detox (and many people say it does), it is the PERFECT STONE for our modern lifestyles! EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR ONE ALL OF THE TIME, in addition to keeping larger stones, spheres and pyramids beside all electronic devices!


  • Neutralize the effects of EMF’s and other energetic pollutants.
  • Transform negative energy into positive, promoting optimism.
  • Protect against psychic attack and energy “vampires”.
  • Cleanse the emotional body of anxiety, fears, unworthiness.
  • Help us hold Light in the darkest of circumstances.
  • Stimulate good luck, happiness and grounding.
  • Be an excellent stone to use in meditation, purification and healing.
  • Be assisting in the transition into the “Age of Aquarius”.
  • The Pendulums are particularly accurate at answering questions regarding what is “good” for us.