We have finally had our first week of 70 degree temperatures and I wanted to be where every good Pagan wants to be — OUTSIDE!!! So please excuse my inability to sit inside at my desk in front of a computer while our first really nice weather was happening just outside the window! I hope all of you have also made opportunities to get out into the fresh air, do some garden clean-up, listen to the happy birds, absorb the sunshine (Vitamin D!), take a walk, see the incredible flowering trees in bloom, laugh with the calves playing in the fields, and lose yourself (and your worries) in the Spirit of Spring, even if only for a little while!

readinggraphicWe have lots of exciting events planned for Spring, starting our MOTHER’S DAY TEA & TAROT, which fills up quickly, followed by a new event–the author will be reading astrology-related poetry from her new book, CHARTED TERRITORIES, and if you email her with your birth information prior to the event, she will prepare your personal astrology chart and have it for you at the reading. Then she will select her readings from the charts of all those who attend! At the end of the reading, you may take your chart home with you! See our calendar page for full information on all these events.

Doreen ValienteIn addition to the new ADULT COLORING BOOKS from LLEWELLYN, I want to talk about the subject of an upcoming release from the same publisher. It is a biography of DOREEN VALIENTE. If Gerald Gardner is the “father of modern witchcraft”, then Doreen Valiente is most certainly the “mother”.  Doreen Valente worked as High Priestess with Gerald Gardner, Robert Cochrane and others just after the anti-Witchcraft laws were repealed in England to revitalize and restore Witchcraft and Magick. We owe much of our current “liturgy” to her, including the oft-quoted CHARGE OF THE GODDESS. She has left a legacy of many fine books on the Craft and every Wiccan should be familiar with her life and work. To this end, we will soon have her biography, published by LLEWELLYN and we are taking pre-orders now. So the next time you’re in to Crone’s Cupboard, be sure to reserve your copy of this important work.

Brightest Blessings and Happy Spring!