Stone Pillars, like candle pillars, are cylindrical portals with a door at each end. Notice these Pillars reach from their “Sun and Stars” crystalline tops to deep within the Earth, showing beautiful layers of Blue Lace Agate and other strata. When activated (a candle pillar is activated when it’s lit; a stone pillar activates when meditated upon), these pillars give us direct access to energies and blessings that usually come to the Earth in a more general and random way.

The Amethyst “Star” Pillars are direct portals to the stars and cosmos and all the blessings of the night, including the Moon’s gifts. These are the energies of calm, rest, deep meditations and dreams, psychic ability, astral projection, angelic realms, passive healing, fertility, creativity and more.

The Citrine “Sun” Pillars are direct portals to the Sun energies, specifically, how the Sun rays hit the Earth awakening daylight, warmth, prosperity, growth, active healing, clarity, vision, leadership, decision-making, Nature spirits, Faery realms, manifestation and more.

Use these Pillars separately or together. When used together, these “Sun and Stars” Pillars can help you find your dream and manifest it!