1. Smudge. In this area, smudge (primarily sage) has been used to purify the air for ceremony and in sick rooms from time immemorial. Begin by lighting the smudge bundle, then holding it up to each of the four cardinal directions, one at a time, and saying, “All my relations” to honor and ask for the blessing of all the beings in that direction. Next, approach the right side of the door in the room, office or home you are cleansing. Wave the lit sage bundle as you walk to the right, entering into any doors, staying to the right all the way around the interior of the room or closet, and emerging on the other side of the door to continue your walk around the rest of the room/home. If your smudge bundle includes additional herbs (like eucalyptus), they may bring even more therapeutic benefits to the smudging.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps are either tealights or electric lamps. Under slight heat, the salt releases negative ions, which purify the air and are said to help with respiratory conditions from asthma to pneumonia.

3. Another way to purify air and tap it’s therapeutic benefits is through aromatherapy. Essential oils may be heated in an electric burner or a tealight burner. Almost all Essential oils have antimicrobial properties but some are irritating to the skin. The Sun’s Eye oils (and sprays) sold by Crone’s Cupboard are already cut with a fine carrier oil, so they are usually safe for direct application to the skin. Put a couple of drops in the palm of one hand. Dab a finger into the drops and rub it under your nose. Then rub the rest into both palms and spread the oil over your forehead and behind your neck to purify the air you’re actually breathing.

Air is one of the building blocks of life on Earth. Work with it in the ways listed above to keep it pure and beneficial. Breathe deeply and open your doors and windows when you can. Get outside. Keep good, fresh, clean air moving through your lungs and through your space as much as you can.  Meditate with the breath. Bright Blessings!