Classes, Workshops & Initiations 

Classes are held at Crone’s Cupboard, register in store to reserve your spot.
Jeanine has decades of teaching experience.
These are some of the topics we cover in our classes:


Beginning Tarot

Entertain and astonish your friends with fun, accurate Tarot readings. This is a great tool for self-knowledge, meditation and obtaining advice.

Advanced Tarot

Improve your Tarot skills by learning more spreads, timing, medicinal readings, how to retrieve past life information, projecting the coming year & life purpose outlines. Wow!

Wicca 101

Begin your journey into the fascinating and powerful world of Wicca and Magick with this introductory class. Herstory, Ethics, Sabbats, Ritual.

Continuing Shamanism

Increase your experience and abilities journeying through the inner planes for knowledge, healing and spiritual evolution for yourself and others. Make new alliances for more success.

Spells that Work

Here’s your chance to become acquainted with a no-fail process of ritual Magick. Discover what is blocking your Magick and how to remove the obstacles. Fun and exciting!

Advanced Magick

In this class you’ll discover more correspondences, Magickal timing with the Moon and additional techniques for working Magick. Don’t miss this chance to learn an awesome 2-part spell as you continue your journey in Wicca.

Working in Alpha States

Learn to put yourself into the Alpha brain wave to tap into Universal knowledge and healing. In that state, practice using a variety of tools in very exciting ways for healing and manifestation.


Learn to journey to the other worlds to meet guides & teachers & bring back knowledge to enrich your life.

Intro to Astrology

Learn how to use the stars and constellations to gauge the energies of the Universe. See how you fit into that picture and assess the most advantageous energies to manifest your dreams.

Beginning Herbalism

Learn how and what to plant for Fall and Winter. Choose herbs that will assist you in the kitchen and also can be used for remedies, potions and spells.

Crafts of the Craft

Study Knotwork Magick & Herb Magick, and make many of your Magickal Tools, including: Magick Wand, Dream Pillow, Quick Magick Kit & Magick Mirror.


Arthurian Quest

Step into the world of Arthurian Legend through a pathworking that will touch, examine and change every aspect of your life and the way you think! The Wise Fool invites you and is ready to accompany you on this exciting and life-changing journey. Become the Seeker and travel to parts unknown to meet the heroes and guardians, address the problems, learn skills, face your fears,  test your mettle and be rewarded. Sit at the Round Table with kings. Earn favors and boons from the powerful women of the Court and of the Earth. Develop powers of divination and learn to perform feats of strength that will carry over into your everyday life in the form of wisdom, confidence, clarity and success!

All this and much, much more will transpire as you adventure through the landscapes, castles, weapons and people of the Hallows. The lessons of the  Arthurian Legends are as relevant today as they were when they occurred.


Based on the award-winning book Dark Moon Mysteries, Wisdom, Power and Magic of the Shadow World by Timothy Roderick.

Would you like to be initiated into the mysteries of the dark moon? Do you want to know more about your inner life and untapped powers? Would you like to remove the obstacles that keep you stuck? Do you want to learn about the magicks of dream, astral and psychic workings?

Dark Moon Mysteries is currently condisdered a contemporary classic in the neopagan community. The first book ever written to explore the shadow side of spirit and magick from the wiccan persepective, DMM weaves together fairy tales, mythic archtypes and the tradition methods of Wicca to help release the power of the dark moon in your life. This initiation is a must for those who are interested in the deeper aspects of magick.


A  2-Part Initiation.

Whether Dragon Born or Dragon Friend, you are cordially invited to join us in an Initiation into the Lost Magicks of the Dragons. This is a profound program for the serious seeker. We will explore and learn the mysteries of:
Flying, Accumulation of Treasure, Longevity, Love, Higher Intelligence, Invisibility, Ancient Memory & Enlightenment.