Below are some regular questions we receive in the shop. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below or you would like some more information about a topic please drop by the store or give one of our knowledgeable staff a call.

Q. Is magick real?

A. We believe in magick. Our whole lives are built upon it. There is nothing about our marriage, our business (Crone’s Cupboard) or our lifestyle that doesn’t involve magick. We have obtained and achieved things that seemed impossible for us, but magick has put them within our grasp. We always practice magick respectfully and for the good of all involved. And we always ask that if our magickal request would bring harm to anyone in any way, it be denied or redirected by those who are wiser than ourselves.

Q. How can I cast a spell to make someone love me?

A. Casting a love spell towards a specific person is manipulative and is strongly discouraged. We start by helping the person making the request to love themselves more. Then we recommend people cast a general spell to bring more healthy, genuine love into their lives. They should be open to receiving this love from many sources because there are many kinds of love. The oldest and simplest spell for romantic love is to begin on a New Moon with two candles—one representing yourself and one to represent the love that is coming to you (but not a specific person.) Place the candles about three feet apart on a safe surface. Each day, light both candles for ten or fifteen minutes and move them a little closer to each other. By the Full Moon, they should be touching and then they can burn down into each other. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Q. How can I get started in magick?

A. We recommend books by Timothy Roderick, Silver RavenWolf and Scott Cunningham. All of these authors write clearly and positively. And they all write specifically for the beginner (as well as for more advanced practitioners.) Wicca: A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick actually takes the beginner through an entire year, with a lesson and an exercise for each day. It’s a great way to learn the arts magickal.

Q. How can I clear negative energies out of my house?

A. We like to use sage smudge sticks. Light the stick and get a good smoke going. Beginning on the left side of the door (as you face the door from inside the house), walk counter-clockwise following the wall until you come to a door or hallway, entering and continuing to walk counterclockwise until you come back to the door, exiting and continuing to follow the outline of the house interior, and so on. While you walk, hold the smoldering sage stick waist-high and wave it into all the corners and closets as you pass. Also hold the intention of clearing out all the energies that are not yours. Once you have gone through all the rooms as described and returned to the front door, extinguish your smudge stick and light a positive candle or incense to bring in the kind of energy you do want in your home. Of course, you have to keep the energy positive by creating a home full of peace, harmony and happiness.

Q. What can I do if I think there’s a ghost in my house?

A. Smudge as described in the previous question. Then, if the ghost isn’t causing harm, determine it’s favorite places or activities in the house. You can set up heavenly pictures and even say words to encourage the ghost to seek the Light and to move on. If the ghost is causing harm, open all the windows and doors, then throw salt all around the house in the same manner that you smudged, but saying, “Out or burn”. When finished, close all the doors and windows and bring in some positive energy with a candle or incense.

Q. How can I protect myself from negative energies?

A. We like to work with stones. Generally, the black ones repel negativity, but Citrine is also an excellent choice. You can obtain the stone in a pendant or a chip necklace or other beaded jewelry. Hematite repels negativity while also absorbing pain from the body.

Q. What are some other uses of stones?

We use the following stones for the purposes indicated:
Rose Quartz — Love, heart healing
Lapis Lazuli — Luck
Malachite — Money
Aventurine, Amazonite — Travel safety
Citrine — Happiness, money
Moonstone — Pregnancy, women’s magick
Garnet — Courage
Tourmaline — Healing according to color
Blue Lace Agate — Angelite 
Celestite — Peace
Lepidiolite — Depression, Bi-Polar, mood swings
Aquamarine — Harmony between two people
Labradorite — Dark Moon, introspection
Quartz — Amplifies other stones
Bloodstone — Physical strength, sports
Selenite, Serpentine — Dreaming
Fluorite — Healing on all levels
Jacare’ Quartz — Past lives, ancestors
Jaspers, Agates — Healing according to type
Carnelian — Astral travel, friendship, success
Hematite — Grounding, protection, takes away pain
Amethyst — Meditation, calming
Moldavite — High spiritual consciousness
Just to name a few . . .

Q. How can I do a Handfasting?

A. There are two distinct elements to a Handfasting. One is the creation of a six-foot cord to bind the hands of the couple. This can be made of ribbon, with charms to represent the goals of the union. My husband and I made ours by cording our hair, since we both have very long hair. The other element is the jumping of the broom. The couple, with hands still bound, jumps the broom together toward the East, the direction of new beginnings. This seals their union. Many other elements such as rings, vows, unity candle, etc. can be added, but these two elements are what make a Handfasting different from a regular wedding. Also, a Handfasting may or may not be legal, as the couple prefers.

Q. How can I do a baby blessing?

A. In Wicca, we do not dedicate any infant to a particular religion because we believe it is ultimately their choice. But we do welcoming ceremonies, naming ceremonies and prayers to put the newborn under the protection of the God and Goddess until the child is old enough to make their own choice. All of these rites include family and friends who may bring gifts and also offer blessings. The child may be anointed with oil, wine and water or any other special blessing the family desires.

Q. How is a house blessing done?

A. Our favorite way is to smudge the house (see the question on clearing a house of negative energies), then invite loved ones over for a feast. During the celebration, the inhabitants of the house bring out a special crystal—fairly large and low, like a house (unless it’s a high-rise apartment, then more tall and slender.) Each guest holds the crystal and either puts a special blessing into it, or recalls a memory of love and/or laughter to bring that energy into the home. The crystal then sits in a prominent place in the home. The guests feast and party.

Q. Do Wiccans worship the Devil?

A. Not only do Wiccans not worship the Devil, Wiccans do not even believe in a devil or any other embodiment of pure evil. Wicca is a nature-based, family oriented religion that supports only life-affirming, positive energies. We take responsibility for our own mistakes, so we do not need some evil entity to blame. We do not believe in sin or hell. We know that we are all doing the best we can, and that we have many lifetimes to perfect our love, knowledge and spirituality. We seek enlightenment for the good of all.