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Paying Online with Square:

When you are finished shopping, click the Checkout button at the bottom of the shopping cart window. Follow Square’s instructions for checking out.

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Visit Square.com help page to find out more about their services, privacy policy and security policy.



US DOMESTIC Shipping & Handling Charges – Will be calculated at the time of check out.
INTERNATIONAL Shipping – Currently we are only shipping with in the United States.

We make every effort to ship all “in stock” items with in 3-5 business days. In all cases that is 3-5 business days after your payment has cleared, and not after it has been sent.

To contact us for order inquiries please use this email: orders@cronescupboard.com
Your emails will be read and answered by a live person; our responses from orders@cronescupboard.com  are not automated.

BUT FIRST: If you receive any “Spam Blocker” or similar notices, please comply with the request. That will ensure that your emails are received.

Shipping Notices:

Shipping Delays, Customs, and Weather: Please note that we are not responsible for Post Office shipping times or postal or weather delays. We are not responsible for delays in overseas shipping or in Customs when your package crosses and international border. Once and item has been notified as shipped, please be patient and await its arrival! Once it has left our Store, we have no control over the delivery time, which is utterly dependent upon the US or international postage or shipping services.

Back-ordered items: may take several weeks to ship as some of these are difficult to obtain rapidly. We respectfully ask for your patience in this situation, and we want you to know that we do our utmost to speed your order. If your order is split into multiple shipments, there is no additional charge for the additional shipments, and we pay any extra shipping charges.



You are entitled to return an undamaged item that you do not wish to keep, with in 48 hours of receipt, and will obtain a refund subject to the exceptions listed below. Please notify us immediately on receipt if you wish to return the item, stating your reasons. We do not accept returns or give refunds on returns notified to us more than 48 hours after receipt. You must return the item(s) in good condition, at your own expense, before we issue a refund. Any refund is based on the items cost only, and does not include any shipping costs, as the customer has decided that he/she does not want the item, and we ship in good faith. If the item has been used, folded open, or removed from its cellophane, broken or otherwise damaged by the customer we will not issue any refund.

A re-stocking charge of $5.00 per item will be deducted from any refund. Refunds will be issues via the original payment method. Square charges?


If an item arrives damaged, please advise by email immediately to: orders@cronescupboard.com We do not replace damaged items that are notified more than 7 days after receipt, or items that have been used or have sustained user damage, or have been removed from shrink wrap.

You must send any damaged items that you wish replaced back to us with proof of purchase. We do not replace damaged items without proof of purchase. We do not replace reported damaged items that do not reach us (i.e. that cannot be traced after you have shipped them. Please be aware of this!) If an item is not returned we cannot accept a damage claim. You will be responsible for return shipping costs, but we may, solely at our discretion and with no guarantee, apply all or part of your return shipping cost as a credit towards a future order, usually up to $10.00. In keeping with the general policy found at most online bookstores, we do not pay return shipping and we do not refund outbound or return shipping costs on damaged items.  We do our utmost to work with you and we will replace damaged items swiftly once you have followed the return procedure. Please understand that standard shipping costs for lost or damaged items typically cannot be claimed back from USPS, either by the sender or the recipient.

Please allow time, at least 10 working days from the date of sending your returned goods, for us to receive and examine any damaged items. Once we have done so, and we confirm that the item should be replaced, we will replace your damaged item promptly, and ship the replacement back to you by Priority mail at no charge. We will notify you of shipping and tracking numbers.

Missing items? Most orders arrive on time, and are delivered in good condition. However, we know that occasionally problems can occur, and we want to help solve such problems if they arise. If we have shipped an order and you do not receive it within 10 days of receiving our shipping notice, please allow up to 28 days (i.e. an extra 18 days) for it to arrive. Some media mail shipping and other levels of mail, take an extraordinary time to arrive, while other packages arrive swiftly. We do not know why this occurs, and USPS will not provide specific answers to questions of this sort. Even with tracking numbers some items are slow to arrive and tracking numbers are sometimes slow to appear in the USPS system. We have no control over this, and it is as frustrating to us as it is to a customer waiting for their order. Please be patient.

Replacement of missing items. If an order fails to arrive 28 days after you receive a shipping confirmation, please notify us. Delay in notifying after the 28-day period may invalidate your claim for a replacement. We will make inquiries if with the hipper, usually USPS. You may also make your own inquiries if you have a tracking number for your order. We will work with you to trace your order, and we will replace it by Priority with tracking at no extra charge if it is confirmed missing. We do not accept requests for replacement items until 28 days after the original shipping notice.

Caution! We reserve the right not to accept further orders from customers who generate an unusual amount of complaints and/or returned or damaged items. This is due to certain scams that are practiced by a tiny minority of mail order customers. We gratefully acknowledge that the majority of our customers are honest and good people, and this Caution is to protect us all from the effects of dishonest practices.

Thank you for shopping with Crone’s Cupboard.